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A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing

Attracting over 2 billion users every day, YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet. People are increasingly spending time on YouTube and the platform has little to no competition. Whether you regard the platform as a social media network or online video platform, it is advisable to include it in your overall marketing strategy and partner with a proven YouTube marketing service provider that can help you create and optimize your YouTube channel and video content.

In this blog, we share a basic guide to aligning your YouTube marketing strategy for those who are just starting out.

Know Your Audience

YouTube demographics present a great place to learn about your audience. When you click on the Analytics tab on your business channel, you get access to quantitative data such as the location of the majority of users, predominant age range, and viewing preferences. This info allows you to properly align your content such as creating short-form content if you have a younger audience. Also go through viewer comments or pose questions on the Community tab with a view to learn what you can about your audience. You may also want to compare your audience with that on other channels, including your favorite channels, to better acquaint yourself with the type of content that your target audience gravitates to.

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Know Your Competition

There is stiff competition on YouTube and competitive analysis is indispensable if you wish to get ahead. The focus should be on channels that rank for the same keywords linked to your brand. Take note of metrics such as the number of subscribers and viewership, as well as keyword use in the titles and descriptions. This gives you a great way to benchmark your channel. You should also conduct SWOT analysis for each competitor and make sure that they are not serving ads on your videos.

Optimize your Videos

You must optimize your videos so that they show up for relevant searches. This is because YouTube is a search engine just like Google and it ranks videos according to factors such as titles, keywords, and descriptions.


Prefer short non-clickbait titles and include relevant keywords. The title is not only evaluated by YouTube algorithms but by viewers as well.


Custom thumbnails are a common feature across 90 percent of the best performing videos on YouTube. Your thumbnail must be high resolution and creative as it is the first thing viewers often see.


The first few lines of the description must be a brief summary of the video. It must be keyword-rich and you can also add links such as for your social channels.

Also add cards, end screens, watermarks, and bumper ads. Above all, don’t forget to remind viewers to subscribe, like, and share.

Last Word

You should also optimize your channel, explore youtube advertising, and even try working with an influencer. When looking to get the best youtube video promotion in India, it helps to work with a leading YouTube marketing service provider. ROIMantra is a YouTube marketing company in India that has a proven record helping companies align their marketing strategies. To get more information on how we can work with you and discuss your requirements, call +91-120-466-3004 or email You can also fill out our contact form.

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