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Top 3 Content Creation Sins to Avoid at All Costs

Content, content everywhere, not a drop to drink – such has become the state of several content repositories that once were reputable names in their domains. Unfortunately, the same can be said about the communication from various brands that have lost a fair share of their patrons after finding themselves on the wrong side of content quality. In fact, the desire to stand out has made it increasingly easier for brands to commit errors on the content creation front.
To help ensure it doesn’t happen with your brand, let’s take a look at three often committed, and seldom noticed, content creation sins.

1. Lack of Empathy

Gone are the days when people used to get awe-struck by fancy billboards featuring petty faces. The current world needs this little thing called “empathy”. Without winning the trust of your customer, that you “understand” and are on “their” side, you cannot hope for any content strategy to work, no matter how intricately created. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that the content you create clearly showcases your brand’s understanding of your customers, and is empathetic towards their needs and expectations.

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2. Pushing the Envelope

This one is particularly applicable to all formats of content used in organic marketing efforts, especially long format content. While the need for a brand to showcase its products and present its value proposition(s) is completely understandable, there is an invisible line that marketers must not cross, unless the aim is to lose prospective customers and even existing ones. Informative and topical content, for instance, should not come across as a poorly disguised solicitation that takes away whatever little soul the communication may have had.

3. Ignoring Consumability

Creating remarkable content is one thing, creating something that resonates with your target audience, however, could be a different ball-game. While the general rule of thumb advises to (K)eep (I)t (S)hort and (S)imple; at the end of the day, it all depends on the kind of audience you are targeting and their desired level of consumability. In all cases, however, it is advisable to stay away from “grandiloquent” words and phrases, and try to strike a more natural and conservative chord with your audience.

The Last Word

Though the potential of effective content marketing is known to most brands, not many are able to realize its true potential. In such cases, rather than losing ground to your competitors, it is advisable to invest in professional content writing services offered by an agency with proven competence in the domain. An agency such as ROI Mantra. Since inception, we have helped numerous organizations, ranging from globally acclaimed brands to disruptive startups, cement their place in their respective segments through comprehensive content creation services. To learn more or discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or simply call at (+91) 74288-26632, or write to us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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