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5 PPC Trends for Accelerating Lead Generation in 2023

Digital marketing is evolving at a phenomenal pace, including the much revered channel – PPC. Thanks to the incorporation of technological advancements such as AI, automation, and VR, businesses can now expect greater returns from digital channels. That said, to make the most of the transformations in the digital space, businesses may need to partner with a digital marketing agency known to offer high quality PPC services. This is particularly important to help ensure their ad spends are managed in an efficient manner. Continue reading as we discuss the top five PPC trends for optimizing your returns from PPC advertising in 2023.

Voice and Visual Search

Thanks to increasing adaptation of smart devices, voice searches have been gaining some serious momentum for some time now. People prefer using in-built personal assistance speakers to search for their products and services. Voice search, in paid marketing, hasn’t made it into the mainstream, however, this allows businesses sufficient time and the right opportunity to start formulating strategies to target a wider audience. On the other hand, visual searches use pictures as a search query, which helps people get results faster than traditional routes.

Experimenting with Ad Formats

While Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are the leading digital advertising platforms, it is advisable to leverage other cost-effective avenues such as video ads, podcasts, and connected TV. This requires businesses to formulate a marketing campaign for buyers across all stages of the sales funnel (awareness to action, and even up to advocacy) and constantly evaluate how the ad formats being used are influencing conversions.

Video Advertisements

Video ads, especially for mobile users, are a great way of accelerating leads. According to recent studies, there has been an increase of 86 percent in conversion rates after adding a video ad. With PPC services and different tools (such as Bumper Machine), businesses can manage their ad spending easily. Additionally, now is the right time for businesses to start working on ad strategies for other platforms such as the new ad-supported tier by Netflix and social media ads.

Automation and Machine Learning

Automation has emerged as a trending trend for almost all avenues, including PPC. Tools such as SEMRush, WordStream PPC Advisor, and Google Ads Editor help businesses optimize their ad campaigns for both native and broad audiences. When it comes to PPC, automation tools help reduce human effort significantly. (there are other factors that determine the performance of the ad campaigns – Ad Copy, keywords, and identifying the target audience).

Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is a great way forward for businesses for lead generation in 2023. It is a machine learning-controlled automated bidding mechanism that allows businesses to avoid the “guesswork” every time they have to decide how much to spend every time someone clicks on their ad. This can go a long way in helping businesses optimize conversion values such as CPC, ROAS, and CPA.

Final Word

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