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Online advertising has disrupted the way businesses connect with customers, taking the lion’s share away from traditional avenues such as electronic, radio and print media, while providing businesses with more cost-effective and affordable channels to engage, inspire and convert potential customers. That said, the world of online advertising is not all bells and whistles; according to Google, “more than 90 percent of online advertisers waste more than 50 percent of their media spend”. On that note, we present some simple but useful tips to help you get the most out of every penny you invest in online advertising.

Invest in A/B Testing

Whether we talk about an article, a web page or even an online ad, it is important to keep in mind the golden words of Ernest Hemmingway – “the first draft is everything is shit”. Ironically, completely overlooking the timeless wisdom, a lot of advertisers jump head first into online advertising, without testing the artillery being taken to the battlefield. No matter the urgency of going live with an ad campaign, it is essential to invest in through A/B testing of your ads, which you can do either by using third-party tools or allocating a small budget for live testing.

Leverage Geo and Radius Targeting

Geotargeting is a remarkable tool available to online advertisers, which if used effectively, can go a long way in optimizing their returns from paid media. It allows advertisers to focus on specific markets with relevant audiences, which paves the way for more effective messaging and subsequently, a higher return on investment. In fact, radius targeting, which is a specific type of geotargeting, allows businesses to target potential customers in a very specific, precise location, which in turn helps cut down the overall media waste.

Optimize the Remarketing Strategy

It is no secret that remarketing can be a remarkably effective tool to convert interested and/or qualified customers. That said, there must always be a limit to which you can milk a cow. Many advertisers make the mistake of overspending on remarketing, which often does more harm than good. On one hand, it does not deliver the projected conversions; on the other, advertisers are always at a risk of losing the interest of potential customers, who may otherwise organically return for conversion after a period of time.

Wrap Up

Online advertising has changed the fortune of countless businesses, by providing a leveled ground for competitors to compete, regardless of their stature or spending potential. Making the most out of the avenue, however, calls for deep expertise and a cohesive strategy. That’s the reason why almost the most established brands look for the top advertising agencies in Delhi to get the job done. If you too are looking for a search advertising agency partner that can deliver outstanding value and unprecedented returns, the search ends at ROI Mantra. To learn more about our search engine advertising services or to discuss your requirements, call +91-84480-78585 or email at

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