is a 150 Data Scientists

With an award winning track record of data driven PPC management. Nobody does Adwords or Bing better than us.

Top Ranked Profit Generators

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for Profit Driven Marketing the de-facto standard for PPC management as prescribed by Google. In Google’s verdict, spending money on AdWords without using Profit Driven Marketing is throwing money away. Profit Driven Marketing delivers all that AdWords, Bing, Facebook promises.

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NO Contracts

30 Day Term

We let our success speak for it self. We don’t need any contracts to keep you as a customer. 95% of our customers stay with us over a 12 month period. We are an extension of your marketing efforts and our return on investment is key to our relationship with all of our clients.

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Testament of Excellence

$55 Million Media Managed

Brett Stave – VP Marketing National Garage Door Repair “If not for ROI Mantra, we would never have been on pace for the growth that we are anticipating for the coming years. I look forward to working and growing with ROI Mantra.”

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Money Back Guarantee

Transparent Pricing

A solid 30 day money back guarantee on the first month of PPC management fees. No exceptions and No exclusions period. We ensure that there are no surprises to pricing by publishing a fixed pricing plan based on monthly media spend

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