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Amazon Marketing

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Launched in 2012, Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS, is a service that offers a solution to advertising keyword-targeted ad-campaigns. Since then, AMS underwent an array of changes, including the discontinuation of Amazon Text Ads and Initial Product Ads. Now, the self-service offers three main ad formats for Amazon advertising, including Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Amazon Healthline Search Ads, and Amazon Product Display.

Having said that, Amazon Ads are gaining importance, nowadays, in reaching a target audience as it works on an algorithm that displays ads on the basis of searched keywords. Amazon Ads, therefore, not only reach a large number of people, but also makes sure that relevant products are showcased to the customer, making it easier and increasing the probability of a business to expand their customer-base.

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Why is Amazon Marketing Important?

Amazon Ads is gaining popularity as marketing service as it offers optimized keyword-targeted ad-campaigns. When a person browses the web for a specific product, Amazon advertising campaign focuses on the keyword and display relevant products. In addition to displaying relevant Amazon ads, AMS also:

  • Increases Product Revenue
    As customers are shown relevant products in Amazon ads, the probability of customers to check the product description and buy it is high, therefore increasing product revenue.
  • Optimized Performance
    Keyword-targeted ad-campaigns help in optimizing performance and display ads that are relevant for a specific search result.

Why ROI Mantra?

Understanding the importance of creating a sustainable Amazon ad campaign and increasing product revenue, ROI Mantra has a team of professionals specialized in Amazon advertising, including ad campaign strategies and ad-revenue management. From creating Amazon ads campaign ideas to overseeing the campaign and making significant changes to optimize sales, the team at ROI Mantra takes care of it all. 

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