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Understanding the Online Reputation Management Process

In a world increasingly dominated by virtual forces, no modern-day business can hope to survive, let alone thrive, without a comprehensive strategy for online reputation management, or ORM, for short. That explains the reason why the number of agencies offering ORM services in Delhi and other places is going through the roof, but it goes without saying that not all share the same level of capability, and to pick a diamond in the rough, you have to have a basic understanding of what all entails the online reputation management process, which we will cover in this blog post.
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Stage 1: Brand Research

The ORM process starts with a thorough research about the reputation of your brand and what customers and/or reviewers are saying about it. This phase also outlines the possibility of removing any of the negative feedback or mention found about your brand. In cases wherein any bit of information is found to be inaccurate or illegal, agencies can also resort to legal information removal methods, such as DMCA Takedown.

Stage 2: Strategy & Planning

This is arguably the most important phase of the ORM process. It covers an array of activities that are identified to be most appropriate to achieve the goals of the entire exercise. These can include strategies such as creating a presence of open source platforms such as Wikipedia, replacing negative content wherever possible, promoting positive reviews and leveraging social media to enhance the air around the brand.

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Stage 3: Content Creation

This stage is probably the most demanding in terms of manhours, as it involves extensive brainstorming to identify the type(s) of content and communication that would appeal to your existing and potential customers. It is also important to ensure that the content verticals you choose address all recurrent issues faced by the organization and the responses are maintained and constantly updated in a thematic response directory.

Stage 4: Web Asset Development

The next phase in the process is identifying and developing brand web assets, such as websites, microsites, blog optimization, business listing creation, social media profile optimization, and other similar assets owned and controlled by the brand. This is followed by setting up a network of brand-owned assets to enable future content distribution for all the web assets created for the brand.

The Last Word

In addition to the above, working towards enhancing branded search results is also an integral part of the ORM process, which is generally practiced throughout all stages. While it all may seem quite simple on the surface, it is strongly advisable to bring in an adept ORM services agency in Delhi or wherever your business is located, to realize the true potential of online reputation management. To learn more about what ROI Mantra can do as your ORM partner, fill out our contact form or simply call at (+91) 7428826632, you can also write to us at

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