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Online advertising, paired with accurate remarketing, provides instant exposure to businesses, allowing them to discovered by targeted customers. But do you know, more than 90 percent advertisers waste more than 50 percent of their media spend? As your PPC services partner, ROI Mantra ensures your name is not on the list. We are one of the global pioneers of “Profit-Driven Marketing” – a data-driven approach to online ad management, which we have optimized in collaboration with none other than the world’s leading online ad host, Google. The result is a proprietary methodology, called “Zero Media Waste”, that not only enables you to engage qualified prospects, but also ensures optimum returns from every cent of your ad spend.

Embodying 100+ years of cumulative experience, our team of PPC experts possesses a deep understanding of every broadcast channel available in the online space. Here is a quick snapshot of our core capabilities:

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Our PPC Management Process

Objective Setting

Objective setting is one of the most important aspects of your online advertising campaign. Whether the objective is increasing brand awareness, generating leads, growing website traffic, or driving sales, we can make it happen with a refined approach comprising a blend of proven and progressive methodologies, attuned to deliver on your campaign objective(s).


After setting your campaign goals and choosing the right platforms for your ads, we plan your ad targeting to engage only the most relevant audience. There are two types of targeting; we can target audience for a specific geographic location and/or optimize your campaign for specific device types, operating systems, or wireless networks.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an ongoing activity to identify the search phrases used by your target customers. We create a list of core keywords at the time of campaign planning, and constantly refine and expand the selection with long-tail, low-cost and highly-relevant keywords. Another important step in keyword research is reviewing and removing under-performing keywords.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is another vital step in the planning of any marketing campaign. We keep an eye on your competitors, including how their ads are appearing and the keywords they are using – based on which we plan a holistic campaign management strategy that gives you an evident edge in your domain amd positions your brand as a trusted name in your industry.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is not only essential to drive conversions, it also helps bring down your overall ad spend and CPC (Cost Per Click). We optimize your landing pages to ensure they have high-quality content and deliver the same user experience across devices. We also ensure the landing pages have complete information, with strategically placed call-to-actions.

Planning and Scheduling

Ad scheduling is important for optimizing your ad strategy. We can show your ad whenever a customer searches online or we can show your ad on certain days, or during business hours when you’re there to handle customer inquiries. Your ads give different performance result on different days of the week and different hours of a day, based on which we adjust the bids.

We are amazing in our approach, easy to work with and offer high level of service experience. If you are looking for High-Quality Digital Marketing Services

Why Invest in Online Advertising?

In an era of digitally-driven global markets, almost every business needs online advertising, unless the aim is to shut the shop anytime soon. ROI Mantra can help you drive maximum yield from the various avenues of online advertising, and position your business among the leaders in your domain. Here are some of the key reasons to invest in online advertising:

Instant Exposure: Take the shortest route to outshine competitors and engage new customers who are specifically searching for businesses such as yours.

Targeted Traffic: Stop wasting money on ads that deliver no results. Rediscover online advertising and attract precisely targeted prospective customers.

Increased Reach: Abolish all barriers curtailing the growth of your business with geo-targeted campaigns focused on the markets with the highest potential.

Continued Growth: Achieve sustainable growth with effective management of media spend guided by our Zero Media Waste execution methodology.

PPC Services

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