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Custom WordPress Development Services
In times when you have countless websites, giving you “free” website building tools that offer a remarkably simple drag-and-drop environment, a natural question that arises is, ‘why should one invest in custom WordPress development services?’ While the answer could be more than obvious for serious businesses that would have wasted their time and resources on...
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Top Content Creation Sins
Content, content everywhere, not a drop to drink – such has become the state of several content repositories that once were reputable names in their domains. Unfortunately, the same can be said about the communication from various brands that have lost a fair share of their patrons after finding themselves on the wrong side of...
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YouTube Marketing Guide
Attracting over 2 billion users every day, YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet. People are increasingly spending time on YouTube and the platform has little to no competition. Whether you regard the platform as a social media network or online video platform, it is advisable to include it in your overall...
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Online Reputation Management Process
In a world increasingly dominated by virtual forces, no modern-day business can hope to survive, let alone thrive, without a comprehensive strategy for online reputation management, or ORM, for short. That explains the reason why the number of agencies offering ORM services in Delhi and other places is going through the roof, but it goes...
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Common SEO mistakes to avoid
Every modern business knows the significance of having high website ranking on Google and other search engines, as a result of which, many of them end up making huge investments in SEO, either by setting up an in-house team or bringing in an agency offering search optimization services. The outcomes, however, often fall short of...
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Social Media Services NCR
Social media and SEO are inbound strategies that you can count on when looking to fortify your online presence and attract the target audience to your brand. The connection between the two strategies is such that solid social media presence has the effect of boosting your site ranking on SERPs. ROI Mantra provides SMO services...
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Effective Mobile SEO Strategy
Change is not only inevitable, it is also in motion. According to Google, internet users, on an average, spend about 70 percent of their internet time on mobile devices. In other words, if your website is not ranking high in mobile searches, you are potentially losing out on about 70 percent of your potential customers....
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Commonly Asked Questions - Magento Development
Magento has long been known as the go-to platform for e-commerce stores, known to offer exceptional flexibility and a ton of features. Despite being highly popular in the web development community, many online retail businesses still have their share of doubts and concerns, which often keep them from opting for it. If you too are...
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Attributes of a Great Logo Design
Designing a logo is essentially creating an identity with the aim of charting a success story. A logo in itself plays a supporting role to a brand, and on its own, doesn’t have the power to make a business successful. However, a logo can be a success or failure in its supporting role depending on...
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Role of SEO in the Future of Commerce
The world has changed, whether for good or otherwise, is something that is yet to come out. But if there is one thing that is certain, it is that the Coronavirus pandemic has altered every aspect pertaining to human existence, especially the way people make buying decisions. With all major malls and marketplaces operating under...
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