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Why a Responsive Web Design is Essential for Your Business

Gone are the days when desktop and notebook computers used to be the primary mediums used by people to access the web. There are countless recent studies that show the balance has now tilted towards mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. According to Statcounter, as of November 2021, the share of smartphones has increased to a whopping 53.98 percent, whereas desktops have a 43.55 share, followed by tablets with a 2.48 percent share. These numbers are a clear indicator of how the future would look like, making it essential for businesses to ensure their website delivers the same outcomes regardless of the access medium. Further on the topic, in this article, we discuss why having a responsive website is essential for every modern day business.

User Experience

The ability to deliver the same user experience across diverse access mediums and browsers is the foremost reason to invest in a responsive web design. Your website may be designed to deliver a seamless user experience on desktop PCs, but if it is not delivering the same experience on mobile devices, you will be losing out on potential business. Regardless to elaborate, a poorly displayed website on mobile devices is bound to reflect poorly on your brand and may leave a lasting impact on your brand image.

Information Integrity

Another reason to invest in a responsive website is the ability to ensure information integrity. A lot of websites, especially those hosting critical information, cannot afford to miss out even on an iota of information, which is a possibility if the website design is not responsive. Having a responsive web design, on the other hand, allows you to ensure complete and accurate information is passed on to your website visitors, regardless of the device or browser they use.

Value Proposition & CTAs

There is more than enough evidence to prove the significance of layouting in the overall performance of a website. These include factors such as presenationa and placement of your brand’s value proposition and CTAs. Having a responsive web design allows you to ensure you have the right information at all the right places, which will surely go a long way in getting the desired results from your website.

Organic Search Visibility

It is no covert knowledge that Google and other search engines favor websites with a responsive web design. That is because of multiple reasons. One, they offer better user experience to searchers, which is one of the primary factors deciding the organic placement of a website. In addition, responsive websites are known to have better local speed on mobile devices, which helps in local organic placement. In short, having a responsive web design magnifies your chances of achieving high organic rankings on search engines.

The Last Word

It is beyond a shadow of doubt that responsive web design is the future and it is just a matter of time that traditional static websites cease to exist. If you haven’t made the transition, waste no time in looking for a reputable responsive web design company that can create a website that is truly designed for the future. A responsive web design company such as ROI Mantra. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and discover how a responsive website can help transform your business’ bottomline. Simply call +91-84480-78585 or email at

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