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Best Practices to Optimize Your Mobile Advertising Returns

The smartphone revolution has transformed the way businesses used to communicate their messages to potential and existing customers. While large brands are still devoting a fair share of their advertising and marketing budgets to traditional mass communication avenues, there is ample evidence to prove a radical shift in their focus towards more-personalized digital channels, such as mobile advertising. Having said that, realizing the true potential of mobile advertising is easier said than done. That is the reason why, in this blog post, we share some proven best practices to help optimize the returns from your mobile advertising spend. Read on.

Geo-Targeting and Localization

Mobile marketing, or for that matter any other form of advertising, is not about reaching out to the maximum number of people possible; rather, it is about reaching out to the right set of people who are likely to convert. It is, therefore, extremely important for businesses to conduct thorough research to identify the most potential regions, and establish a localized digital presence, to enhance the targeting of their mobile advertising campaigns.

Rich Media and Native Ads

Traditional banner ads may have served their purpose all these years and may still work great for most businesses, but recent data shows they have started to lose their impact on viewers, especially when it comes to niche segments where traditional approaches to marketing communication seldom work. That is the reason why it is advisable for businesses to have a healthy mix of banner ads, rich media ads, and native ads in their mobile advertising strategy.

Social Media Advertising and Integration

Social media platforms have emerged as a highly effective channel for businesses to establish a human connection with their customers. Besides having a solid organic presence and hosting ads on social media platforms, it is also important for businesses to leverage social media to enhance the reach of their digital ads. Businesses, for instance, can create share-worthy rich media ads and include an option for the user to share it on social media platforms.

A/B Testing

Given the fast paced environment of mobile advertising, a lot of businesses tend to overlook the significance of what happens to be one of the oldest tools in the arsenal of advertisers and marketers – A/B testing. To ensure your mobile advertising spend delivers optimum returns, it is important to start by testing the creative elements in your advertisements, as it will give you valuable insight into the variant that is likely to deliver higher conversions.

Wrap Up

Mobile advertising involves countless intricacies that must be addressed to drive the maximum possible returns. Whether you have been investing in mobile advertising but are dissatisfied with the returns or are planning to join countless businesses in using the avenue to the benefit of your business, we are the people you need. ROI Mantra, with a team of seasoned and handpicked mobile advertising experts, is ideally positioned to supersede your expectations. There is a reason we are placed among the most trusted mobile advertising agencies in Delhi and in India. To learn more about our mobile advertising services, fill out our contact form or write to us at

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