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Making Social Media Optimization Work for Your Business

Entrepreneurs all around the globe know how arduous it is to follow an idea, start an organization, and turn it into a thriving business. Many business owners, even after hiring SMO service providers, find that their organizations are trailing behind industry leading brands, unable to connect and engage with the desired audience. This often happens when a company either doesn’t have a relevant social media strategy or fails to realise the importance of having one. Before we start discussing how to make social media work for your business, it would be sensible to understand the significance of SMO in the digital world.

Why SMO is Essential for Modern Businesses

There has been a staggering growth in the number of social media users around the world. India, for instance, had 142 million social media users in 2015, and the number has now increased to a whopping 376 million in 2020, and is expected to hit the 500 million mark in the next 3 years. The social media scenario is changing rapidly with a whopping 3.5 billion users around the world, average of 3 hours spent daily. The growing positive impact of influencers and the increasing mobile users have made the need and relevance of properly tuned social media channels to create better reach and brand image mandatory for any ambition driven business A single successful Social Media campaign can prove to be a catalyst in boosting customer base and disrupting the status quo.

A 7-Step Process for Effective SMO

ROI Mantra’s team of social media strategists, after working with more than 500 clients and over 30 international brands, has developed a 360 degree approach to assess the current landscape and create a marketing plan designed specifically relevant to your needs at the minimum possible investment of resources.


We minutely examine the performance of your present Social Media channels to filter out what is working and what is not.

Goals and KPIS Setup

In this step we dedicate specific goals for each social media channel and set key performance indicators to quantify results.


This step can be considered as the cream of the entire process as our team comes up with and executes a multi-faceted social media strategy, tailored to achieve campaign goals and facilitate growth.


We interact with your existing customers and engage with fresh prospects by actively involving them as we get to know what clicks with them and what doesn’t


We simultaneously closely monitor the performance of our strategies to determine any tweaks and changes which might be required.


We compile and deliver to you comprehensive reports which highlight the results achieved on key performance indicators.


This process escalates the overall strategy to better align the campaign activities with your marketing goals to facilitate continuous business growth.


The aforementioned social media optimization process by ROI Mantra has time and again proved highly effective in helping organizations engage and connect with existing and prospective customers. We employ a blend of organic and paid activities aimed to enhance the brand image, increase demand, create authority, drive engagement, increase reach and improve conversations with your targeted audience. To learn more about our SMO services or discuss your requirements, call +91-74288-26632 in India or +1 (214) 307-6416 in the USA. You can also email us at and we will take it from there.

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