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Mobile SEO: Top Issues to Avoid in 2021

Given the rapid shift of desktop and laptop users to smartphones, the significance of mobile SEO could not be overemphasized, especially when it comes to delivering a superior user-experience and driving the desired traffic to your website. The importance of getting your mobile SEO strategy right is underlined by Google’s mobile-first indexing, which prioritizes mobile site experience to decide the rankings of websites on SERPs. This makes it important to attend to any UX issues, keep your core web vitals in check, and explore opportunities in your mobile content. ROI Mantra’s mobile SEO services in Delhi, NCR can help align your mobile SEO in a way that gives you an edge over your competition.

Here are some of the top mobile SEO issues that you need to avoid in 2021.

UX Issues

Poor Mobile Design

Solid mobile design is indispensable in a mobile-first world. This entails adopting a design that prioritizes the mobile experience (smartphones and tablets) as opposed to focusing on the desktop experience. It is important to avoid clutter or use of small and illegible fonts.

Unspecified Viewpoint

Failure to use the viewpoint meta tag to specify the correct viewpoint can result in a horrible user experience wherein pages fit improperly to devices. This is because there are all shapes and sizes of mobile screens.

Core Web Vitals Issues

Slow Site Speed

Your site must be quick to load as well as interact. Two out of three Core Web Vitals (Largest Contentful Paint & First Input Delay) focus on load speed to rank to your site. 53 percent of users will also move away from a site that takes too long to load.


Having elements like banners, pop-up ads, and newsletter sign-ups interferes with how users interact with content on your site. Part of Core Web Vitals is the Cumulative Layout shift metric, which measures the layout shift as a page is loading due to interstitials. If a page makes it difficult for users to access content, its ranking will be compromised. This does not include login dialogs for content that cannot be indexed, age verification, cookie usage, and banners of a reasonable size.

Content Issues

Blocked Files

Your site rankings may suffer if there is restricted access to JavaScript, CSS, and image files. This usually happens when there is a marked difference between your mobile and desktop sites, resulting in missing content between the two. You can verify if any essential content elements are being disallowed by checking the site’s robots.txt file.

Bad Redirects/Cross Links

If you have separate mobile and desktop URLs, you may have faulty redirects. Some of the things you can do to remedy the situation include ensuring that mobile users that land on the desktop version of the site are redirected to the relevant mobile page and not the homepage. In the event that you only have desktop site pages, make sure to create mobile equivalents as a matter of urgency. Also, content should be uniform across all mobile devices.

Unplayable Content

It is a huge mistake to have video that will compromise the speed of your site or whose embedding will not play across all devices. Apart from checking to eliminate the issues discussed above, it also helps to accompany the video with a transcript and to use HTML5 if you are going for animated content.

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