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Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

Media planning & buying, the science and art of strategizing, negotiating and placing tailored ads, is transforming at a remarkable pace, often making it challenging for businesses and marketers to drive the maximum throughput from their investments and efforts. The contributing factors to these transformations are many – on one hand, social media has emerged as the next big thing in the field of advertising; on the other, the intertwinement of traditional mediums with newer, digital mediums has vastly changed the overall landscape. That brings us to the primary key question: what are the available and promising avenues?

Key Media Channels


Digitalization, especially the globalization and mass penetration of the internet, has opened a floodgate of opportunities for businesses to connect with potential customers. These channels include online display ads, pay-per-click ads, pre-roll videos, native advertising, digital audio, and many others. 


When the web 2.0 was in its nascent stage, little did people know how it would evolve to become an integral part of every aspect of human existence. As a result of the intervention, advertisers now have a wide gamut of potential ad hosting social media platforms, to reach out to, engage, inspire, and convert potential customers.


Despite the emergence of an array of digitally driven media channels, the good old out-of-home advertising still has not only maintained its relevance, but its scope has also widened with time. Whether the objective is branding, demand generation, or conversion, out-of-home advertising can prove to be a promising avenue. 

Television & OTT 

Given the increasing number of people getting hooked to television and OTT platforms, it would be safe to say that, while media buying on these avenues can be a cost-intensive affair, the returns generally justify the investment. Besides advertising on OTT platforms, you can choose from an array of national, cable, and local/regional networks.


The internet may have taken over the world, but print media is far from losing its ground. A highly effective medium to reach even the remotest of lands, the print media gives businesses an ideal platform to achieve an array of business objectives, ranging from true blue branding to promoting seasonal offers. 

Radio & Digital Audio

Just like print media, radio has long been one of the most effective channels to achieve a deep penetration in any given geography. Another distinction of media buying on radio and digital audio is that you are able to communicate your message without requiring the complete attention of your potential customers, which is generally the case in alternatives.


Considering that close to 90 percent of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, which also accounts for more than 50 percent of global internet users, mobiles represent a highly potential channel for businesses to connect with customers. Available avenues include mobile search ads, in-app ads, and contextual advertising, among others.


The rise of online marketplaces has changed the face of retail forever, making it essential for virtually every retail business to include them in their marketing strategy. As your advertising partner, ROI Mantra can help you broadcast your products to highly targeted audiences and drive unmatched returns from every cent of your ad spend. 

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The Media Planning & Buying Process

Identify Target Customers

Identify and segment your target customers based on age, gender, geography, income, education, marital status, device type, and other such parameters. 

Understand Consumer Interests

Conduct an analysis to find out the potential interest areas of your customers, and the motivators that can guide them further into the conversion funnel. 

Choose the Best Channels

Analyze the potential of all possible media channels and their projected returns, to come up with the best possible blend of traditional and digital avenues. 

Negotiate Placement Terms

Negotiate ad placement with media hosts with aim to garner the maximum visibility and engagement for your content at the minimum possible cost.

Devise a Communication Strategy

Come with engaging communications and creatives to entice potential customers to take any of the actions required for a micro or macro conversion.

Test Ad Placements and Creatives

Test and retest the performance of different placements and creatives based on the predetermined objectives of the media campaign. 

Collect and Analyze Data

Collect and analyze the data produced by the final ad placements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, to identify and act upon improvement areas. 

Optimize Plan and Placement

Based on the findings in the last step, optimize the communication and creative strategy, and revisit the final list of ad placement channels. 

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