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Radio & Digital Audio Media Planning & Buying

Radio & Digital Audio Media Planning & Buying

In today’s fast paced world, where the average attention span of humans has come down to a mere 9 seconds, capturing the attention of the ear is often more sustainable and effective than that of the eye. That is one of the reasons why despite the emergence of an array of progressive media outlets, audio ads have not only continued to dominate radio waves, they have also made their way to digital audio media platforms, online radios, and podcasts. Honoring our commitment to serve as a one-stop-destination for all things marketing, ROI Mantra has garnered comprehensive expertise in radio and digital audio planning, and creating engaging audio ads that resonate with target customers.

Popular Avenues

As your advertising partner, ROI Mantra is ideally positioned to get your brand heard and received on a number of avenues including but not limited to:

National Stations

When the objective is reaching audiences across geographies, even in remote areas, broadcasting your ads on national stations can be a possible solution. We help you make the most of the avenue with strategic placement of tailored ads.

FM Stations

Boasting a constantly increasing penetration in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, FM stations represent another potential ad hosting avenue to reach out to targeted customers. We leverage a rich network of alliances to broadcast your ads on FM stations at unmatched pricing.

Online Radios

With an ever-increasing number of options to choose from, online radio gives you a cost effective way to get your message across to your target customers. We have proven expertise in finding and leveraging the best online radio channels for your brand.


Podcasts have emerged as another potential avenue for businesses to connect with potential customers. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, ROI Mantra helps you realize the true potential of this avenue through a comprehensive ad hosting strategy.

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Why Choose ROI Mantra?

The world of media planning and buying agencies is flooding with a rapidly growing number of contenders, so a natural question that arises is why should you put your trust in “us”? We have not one, but more than a few reasons. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Compelling Communication

Engaging stories that attract, inspire, and convert.

Seamless Service Delivery

Dedicated in-house teams for seamless service delivery.

Unmatched Return of Investment

Leverage a global network of trusted media partners.

Complete Transparency

Be aware of every aspect of every publication.

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