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TV & OTT Media Planning & Buying

TV & OTT Media Planning & Buying

Television ads have always been one of the primary channels for businesses to present their products to potential takers, and with the advent of OTT platforms, their reach and effectiveness have reached new heights. The steep price points of these avenues, however, can be a concern for most businesses. That is when they need an adept media planning partner that can help them drive optimum and sustainable ROI from through accurate targeting, appropriate selection of channels, and effective media management. A partner such as ROI Mantra.

The Road to Brand Growth

As your media planning and buying partner, ROI Mantra leverages a data-driven strategy to identify the most promising TV and OTT advertising avenues for your business. The list includes:

National Networks

Ideal for reaching out to customers across lands including remote and rural areas, ads on National networks can deliver great results for businesses offering products with mass receptiveness.

Cable Networks

The perfect avenue to reach the masses in cities, towns, and to a large extent, even rural areas, cable network ads represent another highly effective format to present your products and strengthen your brand.

Local Networks

Ideal for products or services relevant for certain areas or regions, local network ads give local and regional businesses to accurately target potential customers, and drive conversions without breaking the bank.

OTT Platforms

With remarkable penetration in all metros and major cities, OTT platform ads give brands an opportunity to tell their stories and establish strong relationships with potential, existing and returning customers.

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Why Choose ROI Mantra?

ROI Mantra is not just another media planning & buying agency. We are a full-service marketing powerhouse, equipped with all that’s needed to tell you brand story in the most engaging and cost-effective way possible. Right from the initial research, to the final stages of media optimization, every part of your campaign is handled by our in-house team of marketing mavericks possessing proven expertise in their respective fields. Here are some of the attributes that make stand out from the clutter:

Minimized Media Waste

Drive unmatched value from every cent of your spend.

Comprehensive Network

Reach out to customers in every corner of the world.

Data Driven Approach

Leverage the power of data to amplify reach and value.

Continual Optimization

Ongoing assessment and optimization for optimum ROI.

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