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Print Media Planning & Buying

Print Media Planning & Buying

Despite the globally increasing inclination of the masses on digital and electronic mediums,  the relevance of print media lives on to this day. The first reason behind the timeless effectiveness of print media is their “tangibility”. While electronic and digital media can convey great stories, they are generally watched from a distance. Print media ads, on the other hand, not only bring in the missing element of “touch”, unlike electronic and digital ads, they also stay with your customers. In addition, print media is also known for its proven effectiveness at establishing credibility, enhancing brand value, reaching far out markets, and driving engagement. Having said that, brands need an adept print media planning and buying expert with a deep understanding of the available formats and a rich network of media partners. An expert such as ROI Mantra.

Popular Formats

ROI Mantra, equipped with a gamut of data-driven strategies based upon years of learning, is ideally positioned to deliver unmatched ROI across a spectrum of print media formats, including but not limited to:


An ideal broadcast avenue for products and services of virtually all ticket sizes and natures, magazine ads are not only remarkably effective at garnering the attention of your prospective customers, they also allow you to take numerous routes to present your proposition.


When the need of the hour is to establish mass awareness about a product or service, you cannot afford to ignore newspaper ads. Based on your target demographics, we help you choose from an array of news outlets of regional, national and international repute, to deliver your message.

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Why Choose ROI Mantra?

The world of media planning and buying agencies is flooding with a rapidly growing number of contenders, so a natural question that arises is why should you put your trust in “us”? We have not one, but more than a few reasons. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Compelling Communication

Engaging stories that attract, inspire, and convert.

Seamless Service Delivery

Dedicated in-house teams for seamless service delivery.

Unmatched Return of Investment

Leverage a global network of trusted media partners.

Complete Transparency

Be aware of every aspect of every publication.

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