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Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Build a Buzz

When it comes to digital marketing, influencers have occupied a prominent place on all platforms. Though influencer marketing has the potential to add a notable muscle to your marketing initiatives, making the most out of the avenue can be confusing. That is the reason why it is important for brands to partner with a trusted provider of SMO services such as ROI Mantra. Continuing on the subject, let’s take a quick look at how influencer marketing can help you create buzz around your business and products, starting with some basics.


Influence marketing involves working with influential people that have large numbers of followers. The popularity that they enjoy is associated with a specific niche and they have the power to drive public opinion and boost the visibility of relevant products and services. The influencers include bloggers, advisors, consultants, specialists, analysts, investors, and reporters. These people have cultivated a huge following overtime and are relied upon by their audience for information. Their large following and the trust they have built enables them to communicate effectively with a large audience.

How Does it Work?

The whole process starts when a business makes contact with an influencer in its niche. This leads to the crafting of an agreement that presents a win-win scenario. The business offers value to the influencer by way of exclusives, products, visibility, and monetary rewards. Unlike advertising, recommendations have been proven to elicit more favorable responses from people, with studies showing that 77 percent are more likely to buy a product on the strength of a recommendation as they enjoy a relation of trust with the influencer. They offer businesses a pathway to connect with this audience that they may otherwise not have access to, with a view to increase conversions.

Tips to Get the Best from Influencers

The first thing you need to understand is that not everyone that has a large number of followers is an influencer. There are quite a lot of people that have large followings with zero ability to influence how that community thinks or behaves. That is why it is important to be in a position to tell a real influencer apart from an alleged influencer.
Rather than think in terms of what the influencer can do for you, the best approach is to think in terms of transactions. A rewarding transaction occurs when the influencer is convinced that you are bringing them something of value and you think in terms of how they can help you attain your objectives.

Last Word

ROI Mantra is your go to SMO services provider when looking to partner with one of the best in the business. We provide a comprehensive folio of services that is customised to drive unbridled growth. Our team of experts helps you follow a step-by-step approach to partnering with influencers in a way that drives your objectives. From the search, building a network, setting goals, and fostering enduring relationships, ROI Mantra has got you covered all the way. To learn more about this and other aspects of our SMO services in Delhi, India, call +91-120-466-3004 or email

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