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5 Essential Attributes of a Great Logo Design

Designing a logo is essentially creating an identity with the aim of charting a success story. A logo in itself plays a supporting role to a brand, and on its own, doesn’t have the power to make a business successful. However, a logo can be a success or failure in its supporting role depending on the success or failure of what it symbolises and a number of other factors. As a leading logo design company in India, ROI Mantra understands the common pitfalls that many run into when trying to craft a successful identity for enterprises big and small.
While there are no rules to designing a logo, let’s take a look at some of the essential attributes for successful logo design.

1. Simplicity

The most successful business organizations, with the exception of a few, all have simple logos that feature simple shapes or forms and just one or two colors. Complex logo designs are counterproductive as they make identification and remembering it difficult. Most organizations that redesign their logos to attain increased simplicity and refinement. Avoid including many ideas in the logo and, instead, focus on one key identifiable feature that is easy for people to process and remember.

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2. Relevancy

The quest for differentiation should not be taken to extremes as it may result in your logo being too different as to be irrelevant in your niche. People naturally draw associations when it comes to certain shapes, letters, colors, and fonts with certain specific things. There is a certain aesthetic that people expect when it comes to different niches as it exudes a sense of trust and being established. It is important to be familiar with the overriding aesthetic in your specific niche and learn more about the country or region that you wish to target such as when it comes to meanings attached to different colors.

3. Differentiation

In a world with over 1.5 million prominent brands, logos go a long way in attaining the much-needed differentiation. Whenever a customer goes shopping for a product or service, there are almost always thousands of brands competing for their attention. A logo is one of the elements that directs them to a choice they feel they can trust. That is why it has to be distinct as to stand apart from the competition without losing relevance. This is where design research comes into the picture as you must be aware of what you will be compared with before you start designing a logo.

4. Memorability

A good logo is one that people can easily remember. This means that you must opt for simple shapes and have one main idea in the design. Getting familiar with the competition allows you to go for a unique design without going beyond the aesthetic in your niche. Another important factor when it comes to memorability is the color choice as it is the first thing that most people identify in logos.

5. Scalability

Perhaps one of the most important attributes of a successful logo, scalability allows a logo to be readily identifiable and distinct even when reproduced in spaces where it has to be quite small in size. Whether it is on billboards, vehicles, banners, storefront, newspapers, television, or social media, the best logo design must remain identifiable, legible, and different. This can be attained by having different versions of the same logo to cater to the different applications.


Other important attributes of a successful logo include Versatility and Legibility. When looking for a seasoned logo design company in Delhi, India, ROI Mantra is your partner of choice. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced designers that go to the heart of your enterprise and niche and work with you to craft a winning logo design. We have worked with thousands of businesses big and small across different industries to craft some of the best logo designs in the market. Call +91-120-466-3004 or email to learn more about our logo design services in India and get answers to all your questions.

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