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Why is Social Media Not Working for Your Business

Social media platforms provide you with access to a massive pool of prospective customers for virtually all conceivable products and services, but garnering trust for your brand is a different ball game altogether. Since the industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism, people have been bombarded left, right and center by pushy salesmen and desperate marketers, all claiming superiority of their products. The onset of social media had finally provided some long-overdue voice to consumers but the revelation didn’t last long. Seeing the growing potential of social media platforms as marketing channels, businesses from all domains started setting up their shops to engage and attract potential customers, often availing social media optimization services. But not all were able to reap the desired results.

What Went Wrong?

While a shorter list would be of the things that went right, let’s look at some of many things that did not.

Marketers Crossed the Line

There is a “thick” line between “push” and “pull” communication, so thick that it’s almost impossible to ignore. Yet, many marketers not only crossed it, but virtually denied its very existence. People don’t use social media to revisit the trauma that their previous generation had endured after the rise of mainstream advertising. Most people are simply tired of the tug-of-war and tall claims. Besides bonding on a social level, people use social media to consume content that addresses “their” interests and needs, not of some business.

Negligence on Visual Aspects

Remember, when we were young(er), our teachers would often reward a couple of extra marks for “neatness”? If you were part of the Calligraphy club, we are sure you know what we mean. Many businesses, unfortunately, ignore the significance of visual appeal and the role it plays in communicating their value proposition to prospective customers. Long story short, if it doesn’t look good it will not sell. You may have the most convincing pitch ever, but if you are planning to push it through any social avenue, be sure to back it with some killer visuals.

Ambiguous Goals

Just because your neighbour got a shiny new Audi doesn’t mean that you too need one. Many businesses hopped on the social wagon “just because”. Probably their competitor had set up its presence, probably a niece or nephew volunteered to do it for free – while the driving factor may vary, the fact remains the same that many businesses started leveraging social media without defining any clear objectives for their efforts. As a result, most businesses end up investing generously on social media marketing, without getting much throughput.

Chasing Wrong Metrics

Likes, followers, engagement rate, reach, conversions, audience growth, SSoV, and what not – with countless metrics to track, it is usually quite easy to go astray. A lot of businesses and even companies offering social media optimization services, end up chasing wrong metrics that, while improving in their own space, often fail to have the desired impact on their bottom lines. It is, therefore, extremely important for businesses to work closely with their SMO services provider to identify the right metrics to measure and improve the performance of their initiatives.

The Last Word

The aforementioned are just a few of the many possible reasons why businesses are unable to realize the true potential of social media marketing. It is also important to remember that like any other organic activity, social media marketing too takes time to deliver the desired results, unless your organic efforts are propelled by some serious paid push. If you want to leverage social media to strengthen your brand image and drive conversions, ROI Mantra could be your trusted marketing partner. To learn more about our social media optimization services, fill out our contact form or simply call +91-74285-66446.

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