About Us

About ROI Mantra

A few aeons ago our founders found themselves sitting across a table trying to make sense of a few dozen digital marketing proposals for the promotion of their start-up.

The sentiment that each one of them recalls is confusion and frustration with ambiguous language, unclear expectations and ridiculous prices.

Moving on from that epoch, one of our founders realized the problem was far more viral when working with the top Agencies in the world as an Advertising Technologist.

The entire spectrum of service providers was either not providing any value for money or charging too much money for the value.

ROI Mantra was born to provide high performance+low cost to simultaneously push the top & bottom lines and maximize margins for any advertiser.

ROI Mantra has grown rapidly exclusively on that premise and every strand of our DNA holds performance as a key.

Mantra = Efficiency

Our Mantra is to create the highest efficiency in the digital marketing life-cycle to make digital marketing a lot more accountable than it currently is for the masses.

We create content, produce digital assets, execute media and tie it all with performance to create a simple yet powerful model of accountability in everything that we do.

Vision = Affordable Performance

And if a new image variant comes into play at some point (e.g. a file format like WebP or a large.

ROI = Glue

We work exclusively in a Performance Model as we believe that ROI and Performance are must haves for measuring the efficacy of any Marketing.