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Why is Content Marketing Not Working for Your Business?

In a world profused with fierce competitiveness, there is no such thing as, “build it and they will come”. More so if you are in a highly-congested and overworked territory, such as content marketing. Every marketer exercises all their might to create compelling communications and leverages every possible medium to engage, educate, inspire, and convert the target audience. The question is, what to do when, despite your best efforts, you are unable to see the kind of traction you had hoped it would? 

Common Pitfalls

Almost more important than knowing what to do, is knowing what not to do, which is the reason why it seems like the perfect place to start the conversation. 

Inapt Format

When starting with content marketing, the first step should be to identify the types of content that have the highest consumption rate among your target audience. While long-form articles are still regarded highly by search algorithms, it is advisable to use them in blend with other content types such as infographics, videos, whitepapers, e-books, and newsletters. 

Archaic Subjects

Covering archaic subjects is another common reason for failed content marketing efforts. Before you don the thinking hat, it is imperative to be aware of the subjects trending in your industry, relating to the current real-world needs of your target audience. Once you have a list of trending subjects, it is advisable to assess their potential to come up with the final list. 

Ignoring Amplification

Even the best of content, in the absence of amplification, can fail to produce the desired outcomes. It is, therefore, important that you back your content creation efforts with every possible amplification channel that can get it a step closer to the target audience. Besides organic amplification, you can also consider paid avenues, if the budget allows. 

Striking a Chord with Your Readers

While the prerequisites to garner the attention of a reader can vary greatly depending upon the subject, there are some fundamental elements that you can incorporate in your content to improve the chances. Empathy, for instance, should be at the forefront of your communication in order to win the reader’s trust. This should be followed by assurance of a solution to their need, and then an introduction of the solution with a possible integration of a product, in a natural and unforced manner. 

Wrap Up

Creating great content is one thing, but making your audience keep coming back for more is a completely different ballgame. That’s the reason it is advisable that rather than taking matters into your own hands, bring in an adept content marketing services with proven expertise in the domain. A digital enablement powerhouse such as ROI Mantra. To learn more about our capabilities and what places us among the top content marketing companies in the industry, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Simply call +91-84480-78585 or email at

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