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Web Development and SEO: Friends or Foes?

Getting a business website developed is one thing, getting it to rank high in organic searches is another. But, does it really have to be that way? Or, is there something fundamental that most businesses that avail web development services tend to overlook? This happens because, when it comes to taking a business to the virtual space, a website is the first prerequisite that comes to mind; SEO comes into the picture when the business hopes to bring in traffic through search engines, but by that time, the damage is already done. Subsequently, despite investing heavily in web development services, businesses end up not getting the desired returns, which brings us to the first section of this article.

SEO Hygiene in Web Development

A lot of companies can deliver world-class web development services, and frankly, they do a decent job as far as their commitments are concerned. They never claim that your website, no matter how ingeniously developed, will also bring you business. Common issues in websites developed without compliance with SEO norms include missing, incorrect or lean metadata, absence of keyword targeting, unoptimized URL structure, absence of interlinking, and many others prerequisites for a seamless customer journey, which brings us to the next section of the article.

The Focus on Customer Journey

Having a website that has the essential SEO hygiene in place not only has a better chance to rank high in organic searches, it is also better placed for conversions. That’s because SEO is much more than ranking high on web searches, it also takes into account and ensures a seamless customer journey, starting from discovery to conversion. That’s the reason it is essential to ensure that the web development services company you hire also has a deep knowledge of SEO principles; a specialist that can ensure your website is not only technologically sound, but is also tailored to deliver on your business objectives.

Getting the Balance Right

Almost every established organization would be well familiar with the constant tug of war that typically exists between their SEO and web development partners. While the web development company does its best to deliver and maintain a robust technological asset, the SEO team never stops sending out recommendations, to be implemented by the former, and thus begins an endless spiral of to and fro communications. The best way to avoid this is by hiring a full service online marketing specialist that has proven expertise in both web development and SEO. A specialist such as ROI Mantra.

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