Profit Driven Marketing

Incessant Revenue Growth through Proven Marcom Strategies

Increasing competition and operating costs, paired with the dissipation of geographical confines, have made the ride tougher for organizations from almost all industries. Adding to their trouble, amid rapidly changing dynamics, traditional marketing practices are no longer relevant, which explains the reason why more marketers are now turning to a novel but fundamental approach to business growth: the science of ‘profit driven marketing’.

What is Profit Driven Marketing?

Profit driven marketing is the definitive answer to optimizing revenue growth by leveraging economies of scale. A data-driven, result-oriented approach to customer acquisition, profit driven marketing involves extensive analysis of all key components of a marketing strategy, followed by strategic changes focused on driving “profits”, not “efficiency”. The methodology allows you to capture demand in the moment and identify the limit of optimum marketing profitability.

What to Expect?

Optimized Ad Spend

Our team of analysts conducts an in-depth analysis of your marcom initiatives and costs, to identify the most promising avenues of revenue growth. Based on it, we redistribute your marcom spend, which is reanalyzed after a stipulated timeframe.

Minimized Risks

Leveraging profit driven marketing minimizes the risks associated with traditional marketing practices. In addition to having complete clarity on the returns to expect from your investment, you are also ideally placed to make key strategic decisions.

Reduced Challenges

Ongoing campaign analysis enables you to identify the challenges involved in achieving optimum business growth. By abolishing the hurdles in the way, we transform your marcom spend from being a “cost” element to a “profit center”.

Consistent Revenue Growth

Equipped with years of experience, we incorporate the data from diverse advertising and marketing channels, your website, and your business transactions, to create a sustainable growth strategy resilient to all existing and foreseeable challenges.

How We Help?

ROI Mantra, having augmented the fortunes numerous elite clients, understands what it takes to yield optimum revenue from every cent of marketing spend. Driven by a team of excellence-driven professionals, we deploy a tailored blend of quantitative techniques and ongoing data analysis, to deliver results that need no validation. Among other feasts, we have grown the revenue of a US-based home services provider from $8 to $42 million in less than 2 years.

Though an intricate exercise comprising a number of core components such as Audience Segmentation, Value-Based Segmentation, and Customer Centricity – if executed right – profit driven marketing entails results that are way beyond the scope of traditional marketing channels. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Sounds Intriguing?

Take your business on the highway of incessant success with the proven science of profit driven marketing. To learn more, feel free to connect with us for a no-obligation free consultation. Simply call (214) 307-6416, or write to us at