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How much Revenue has Google AdWords made for you?

Google executives Tom Hammel and Harshil Ved have released the following statement:

“95% of home service/repair businesses who use AdWords cannot pinpoint revenue, (much less profit) directly from the PPC campaigns they spend money on every single month, month over month, year over year.”

This is a serious problem for not only customers, but also for Google as well. Google continues to lose customers month after month because people think the platform “doesn’t work.”

Muni Bajpai – CEO ROI Mantra elaborates further

“The 5% of businesses that can pinpoint AdWords revenue dominate more than 40% of the market.”

A Garage Repair Company grows revenue by 40 Million Dollars in under 2 years.

A Mortgage Lender grows revenue by 3 Billion Dollars in under 15 years.

An Automotive trader becomes the largest retailer for online vehicles in less than a year.

A Locksmith becomes the 2nd largest locksmith in the U.S in under 4 years.

There is a method that helped skyrocket their growth and its called “Profit Driven Marketing”. Search Google for – Profit Driven Marketing. You probably don’t have the internal expertise to execute Profit Driven Marketing because it is an arduous task.

ROI Mantra is the only partner in the U.S that Google will endorse and even share a podium with to speak about Profit Driven Marketing (OFFICIAL GOOGLE VIDEO). Please view the video to hear our CEO Muni Bajpai and Google Executives Tom Hammel and Harshil Ved talk about this stock-market like approach to AdWords.

This strategy will results clear profits in as little as 30 days. ROI Mantra is the only Google endorsed agency that can consult, implement, and execute it for companies who are looking to dominate their market space.

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