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5 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising Should be a Part of Your Sales Strategy

The smartphone revolution has transformed the landscape for businesses and marketers, who now have a much priciser tool to discover, engage and acquire new clients. Businesses, these days, can tap into a rapidly growing reservoir of targeted prospects, and that too at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising channels. Despite the immense potential of mobile advertising, many businesses are still unable to realize its rewards to the fullest, often even completely ignoring the role it can play in shaping their future. If you too have been overlooking mobile advertising, we give you five reasons why it should be an integral part of your sales strategy. Read on.

1. A Large Pool of Prospects

The smartphone revolution has led to an exponential increase in the number of cellphone users across the world. In India alone, in the last 5 years, the number of users has increased from about 243 million to more than 448 million, and that number is expected to grow even more in times to come. It is also worth mentioning that mobile phones accounted for 73 percent of the total web traffic in India. This essentially means that mobile advertising has become a primary avenue to reach out to a spectrum of customers. The staggering numbers, coupled with an accurate understanding of the target customers’ interests, preferences and behaviours, make mobile advertising a go-to option for businesses to increase brand reach and augment sales.

2. Ease of Tracking and Expenditure Allocation

A significant issue that brands face while coming up with and executing an advertising strategy is an accurate breakdown of the budget to be put into a campaign. Even purely digital ads running on laptops and desktops are not immune to the dissonance between the money being invested and the real number of users reached as most of the browsers use ad blockers. The tracking metrics for mobile advertisements is significantly more detailed and trustworthy. The CPA, or Cost Per Action (not to be confused with Cost Per Acquisition), for instance, is specific for ads involving videos and banners and focuses on actionable objectives rather than clicks, which could be the number of downloads or sign ups, and is calculated by simply dividing the total cost of the campaign with the number of actions received. The Cost Per Mile (CPM), or Cost Per Thousand (CPT), impressions are specific for those brands that are not only looking to simply garner more clicks and actions, but also increasing their brand recognition.

3. Multiple Advertising Formats

Once a brand is clear about its advertising goals – be it acquiring more clients or sign ups, or improving brand awareness – it can choose from an array of mobile advertising options, such as banner ads, videos ads, full-screen ads, and app-based native ads. All these avenues can be highly effective in meeting various objectives. In a way, it can be said that mobile advertising synthesises all the best features of digital advertising and brings it into the palm of a user’s hand through their mobile device.

4. Geo-specific Targeting

One of the unique features of mobile advertising is that it allows businesses and marketers to precisely target their advertising campaigns. As almost everyone carries their phones with them around the clock, publishers can be sure that the users only receive ads from brands that actually do business in their geography. Add to that, every mobile device has a unique Mobile device tracking ID that provides real-time, accurate information, allowing advertisers to be flexible and precise with their communications, delivering hyper-targeted ads in ways that traditional methods cannot.

5. Circumvent Ad-Blockers and Cookies

A constant worry for advertisers is their content being blocked by ad blockers used by users in their web browsers, as well as the unreliable information provided by cookies due to their short lifespan, and the fact that users might be using more than one device to access a website that records them as two users. This worry gets dissipated with in-app mobile advertising as there are no ad-blockers within apps.

Last Word

One can no longer solely rely on the quality of their products and services. In a fast changing world, where mobile phones essentially carry our entire lives in them, it has become essential for businesses to leverage mobile advertising to connect with and understand their customers. Mobile advertising is, without a doubt, one of the most efficient ways to engage with and grow an audience. To learn more about how mobile advertising services can help your business, talk to the best in business. Simply call +91-120-466-3004 (India) or +1 (214) 307-6416 (USA). You can also email us at and we’ll take it from there.

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