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4 Tips for PPC Management during Covid-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a severe blow to the advertising industry. While numerous businesses have stopped advertising altogether, many have contracted their marketing spends due to economic vacuum and decline in demand. While this may seem overwhelming at the first glance, it can be an advantage for businesses, as they can generate conversions at significantly lower rates than before. The reduced ad spends by businesses has resulted in a decline of about 50 percent in the average cost per click across verticals. Having said that, converting a crisis into an opportunity is easier said than done. To help you get there, we present four tips for effectively managing your PPC during the COVID-19 crisis. Read on.

1. Modify Your Marketing Strategies

As a business, you can start by accentuating your focus on promoting the services or products that have more demand during the Coronavirus outbreak. Try to relate your products or modify them according to ongoing trends, such as social distancing, e-learning, family togetherness, medical services, and physical and mental health. Try shifting into virtual services and your campaigns according to the changing landscape. You can, for instance, revise your CTAs for “Visit us in-store” and inform your customers about your response to the outbreak and the sanitisation practices you have in place.

2. Reevaluate Your Budget

Shift your budgets into products, services, and campaigns that have more relevance during this global emergency and can produce good results. When analyzing your PPC budget, focus on two main metrics – Cost and Conversions. While cost shows the total amount spent on advertising during a certain period, conversions help you identify the customers you acquired with your budget. Finally, depending on the platform, instead of having daily budgets, try to set a monthly or lifetime spend budget, to pace out your allocations through a longer period and have better control over your account management.

3. Study the Search Behaviour of Your Audience

Although people are trying to remain indoors as much as possible, they still have the need to be exploring and purchasing essential products and services. Try to talk to your audience through ad copy and ad extensions and tell them about your virtual services that can be delivered under the stipulated health guidelines. Also, communicate your product’s benefits, such as free and contactless delivery, fast porch drop-off, and curbside pick-up, to garner trust and acquire more customers.

4. Identify Negative Keywords

Depending on your type of business or industry, you may witness major shifts in search queries that are triggering your ads. You can either deal with this by displaying your marketing campaign according to the search terms in real-time for coronavirus related keywords or use a proactive approach. Predict searches that trigger your company’s ads and create a list of negative keywords such as corona, sars, epidemic, virus, COVID, and Wuhan which can be easily updated and shared among all campaigns.

Wrap Up

We all are going through hard times that are affecting our financial and social well being, but at some point, we all know that everything will go back to normal. By following these tips, you can ensure that you are connected with your customers and making them aware of you and your business so that after all this comes to a halt, you have a great head start. A PPC company like ROI Mantra can help you plan your marketing campaigns and modify them according to the changing scenarios to yield good results. If you are looking forward to seeking assistance from a PPC services company in India, look no more than ROI Mantra. Talk to us at +91-74285-66446 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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