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3 Best Practices for iOS App Development in 2022

Many app developers experience the urge to get started with coding as soon as they have a concept. Although understandable, this is not the greatest of approaches. Making an effective application is an intricate procedure, in which you can rarely skip a step without facing repercussions. There are many things to consider before you start developing the app. Whether you are relying on an in-house team of developers or looking to hire an iOS application development services company, we outline some of the best practices to help you in your endeavor.

1. Decide the code architecture

Deciding on your code architecture is crucial, even before you hire an iOS app development services provider. Using a common architecture option helps ensure that even new members who join a project or a team are able to hit the ground running and deliver  much faster and with more confidence. Furthermore, as new features are added, it would be evident which parts of the design need to be adjusted, allowing teams to collaborate on different layers of the architecture. All of this contributes to more stable programs with fewer problems and improved overall performance.

2. Organize source file

At some point or the other, we have all seen source code files being arranged by type. However, categorizing by type may not be the best technique. Such code arrangement provides no relevant explanation for why some files are grouped together while others are kept separate. Overall, we believe that organizing source code files by intent is far superior to arranging them by mere type. To be on the same page, you may want to discuss your preferences with your iOS application development services provider.

3. Remember app store rules

App developers should start thinking about marketing their app before they start coding. The distribution of your mobile application will be a part of your marketing strategy. Putting up your iOS software in the App Store is a prerequisite to make it available to all customers. The biggest advantage is that having your software accepted into the App Store provides you with more reputation. Why? Because having your app published there may appear to be straightforward and simple, but it isn’t. In reality, this is something you should consider while you plan your application, then during development, and finally, as you prepare for release. If you skip this step, you’ll almost certainly waste a lot of time developing something that won’t be approved for App Store distribution.

4. Final word

If you haven’t already outsourced your iOS application development process, now might be the best time to choose a reliable iOS application development services provider. If you are looking for the best iOS app development services in Delhi, look no further than ROI Mantra. Reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation. Simply contact us at +91-84480-78585 or drop an email at

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