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2022’s Top Content Writing Trends

Every year, content marketing trends shift according to the reality of the time. Many of these trends often represent completely new approaches to help marketers and business owners to achieve better results and reach a larger section of their target audience. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, there has been a significant increase in the demand for digital transformation and innovative solutions. To help you stay ahead of the competition in 2022, it is important to embrace the latest content writing trends. Once you have your goals set, you may work closely with a content writing company in Delhi to get the most out of the avenue.

Relevance is more important than ever

Google is always on the lookout for “Expertise”, “Authoritativeness”, and “Trustworthiness” (EAT) in searchable content. The question that arises is, how to embed EAT in your content?

  • Expertise: Your content should demonstrate that you are a subject matter expert. This will require writing in-depth articles that provide tremendous value to readers.
  • Authoritativeness: Your material should portray you as an expert in your field. Make use of internal links to relevant topics, as well as semantic keywords and case studies. Maintain a consistent tone of voice and validate material with industry-leading research studies.
  • Trustworthiness: You should also strive to write simply and accurately, as well as to relate true stories. These pointers will aid in the development of trust.

Personalization is the key

Generic ‘off-the-shelf’ material will not convince today’s much-discerning and informed customers. Every piece of your content asset will require one-on-one interaction. Any competent content writing company in Delhi NCR can help you develop and distribute personalized content, tailor-made for your audience’s preferences. Here are some of the tips you can implement in your strategy:

  • Use real-time search information to have a better grasp of your prospects’ current motivations.
  • Work your way through your customer’s journey to identify any places of friction and content gaps to make the experience more seamless.
  • Use keyword, subject, and competitive research to create content that is more relevant to each searcher’s intent.

Micro-niche content will rule

The majority of online content assets are focused on a small number of topics. As a result of the overabundance of content, users are looking for something new. This is where niche content comes into play. A well-thought-out piece of content with a unique take on the story, powered by long-tail keywords can be used to target searchers who have a specific demand that your product may meet. One of the advantages of niche content is that they are unique, given that not many brands have covered these topics before. This would result in your brand gaining instant authority within your sector. If you don’t know where to start with niche content, any content writing company in Delhi can help.

Data driven content planning

Savvy marketers are moving beyond using last year’s (or even last month’s) performance insights as a roadmap going forward. Today, there are more touchpoints and interactions than marketers can possibly track and analyze on their own. You must have access to tools in order to assess and act on data to develop a highly profitable content plan for 2022. If you don’t already have data-driven processes in place, now is the moment to upskill or outsource to supplement your team. For this, you may want to hire companies that offer content writing services in Delhi.

Wrap Up

Staying alert to the content marketing trends in 2022 can make a huge difference in how you reach your current and potential customers. However, maximizing returns necessitates a high level of domain knowledge. This is where ROI Mantra may assist. We are a full-service content writing company in Delhi and one of India’s few ‘Google All-Stars’ accredited agencies. Call us at +91-84480-78585, or email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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