Is the act of separating customers/prospects into groups with similar ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ to best utilize your resources through buyer persona-based marketing. This is important as different segments react differently to your messaging, which ultimately influences your conversions.


Conversion (Sales, Leads, Phone calls, Footfall) metrics act as early indicators of where resources should be allocated with explicit aim of solving problems or growing revenue. These metrics makes sure that your dollars are spent wisely, targeting the right people who are most inclined to make a purchase now or in the future.


I know 50% of my advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%”. Attribution has remained a mystery and somewhat of a black art in the traditional advertising channels. It is the act of connecting the dots and attributing success or failure to the right efforts in communications. It is incredibly important to take a historical view of this if possible and ensure all future efforts must be clearly Attributed.


Customer expectations demand more personalized messages and competitors are already cutting through the noise with nurture campaigns. This is a vital concept which is all about building relationships and trust with your prospects that is both consistent and relevant.