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We are engineers and technology savants

"Profit Driven Marketing" - A process that is driven by people and machines. Google recommended, ROI delivered.

PPC is no longer about buying the cheapest clicks. Profit Driven Marketing is to PPC what Jet Engines are to Aircrafts. Highly Efficient and High Powered. The following three steps separates our engineering chops from a typical media agency.

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1. Data

We collect the data sets that are required to be effective decision makers.

Driving profit from your PPC requires a radically different approach to PPC. True performance is a function of making day to day PPC decisions based on Customer Relationship Data. This data lives in your phone system logs, in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or your Field Service Manager (FSM). In any case the first step towards profitability is the linking of your marketing systems with your customer engagement systems. Our engineering and IT backgrounds make this a piece of cake for us to make happen.

2. Profit vs. Cost

We make decisions more on profit and less on cost

In simple terms a PPC manager needs to say “I need to make changes to marketing based on the performance of this customer type (Segment)”. If a PPC manager cannot do that then they have nothing more than the cost of Advertising as their key focus. If all they do is focus on cost as a management objective then profit is not managed at all.

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3. Timing

We make proactive decisions when they are needed. Machine learning helps notify us

This is easily the biggest challenge in PPC management. With 1000’s of campaigns and 100s of Groups there is a real and clear risk of ignoring what needs focus. Most PPC managers have a pet set of campaigns that either do very well or very bad in their experience. They rely on this experience to make decisions on what needs focus. This is a very bad idea as it is very subjective to a PPC campaign manager’s preference. A good PPC manager will address issues as they arise from the data set that flags attention. This attention can be flagged reactively or predictively. A predictive action is always better as it allows for changes during the reaction time.

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