Profit-driven AdWords Bid Management

AdWords bid managers can promise you the world. Unfortunately, few actually deliver on those promises. At ROI Mantra, we are experts in the field of all things Google, including AdWords. We leverage our knowledge and expertise for your company. Here are a couple of ways we can serve you in your marketing strategies.

Profit Driven, Data Supported

Data is the foundation of what we do at ROI. Whether it’s keyword research to drive some marketing campaign, or analytics to assess how a company performs under our system, we live, breathe, eat, and sleep the data we track and develop. You need this kind of approach when dealing with AdWords. Google’s algorithms are very good at populating the best information and ads to the sources that desire them. At ROI, we use our vast knowledge and experience in working with Google systems to use the profit driven approach to our AdWords bid management.

Using data, we discover how best to situate your company in the market, what will best drive traffic and lead to more conversions. Our process is simple. First, we start with detailed analysis to develop a strategy for your business. Then, we create the content and execute the plan we’ve developed. After going at it a while, we analyze your specific data and revamp the process in the areas necessary based on what we’ve learned. Finally, we report this feedback to you so that you are always in the loop on how you’re doing and how we are performing for you.

How Bid Management Can Help

There are two ways that AdWords bid management assists in this field. These include traffic and cost. We get you to the most traffic possible based on the assessment of what is best for your business. More traffic means that your ads are doing their work for your business. And they even work passively. Even after your business shuts down for the day, your ads keep flowing. This elevates the possibility for leads to generate and turn to conversions.

We also are always working to ensure that you get the most for your money from the ads. There are automated processes out there that promise always to get you the lowest cost. We don’t just make promises, we deliver. But unlike a computer program, our team can sift through the data your business creates and tell when an ad that a computer program would pass over because of price will be more beneficial to your company and bring more profit. That’s the beauty of the profit driven approach. Sometimes the cheapest isn’t the best.

It boils down to the fact that ROI Mantra is a preferred Google partner because we constantly outperform the competition. No one keeps up with our profit-driven, data-infused process of AdWords bid management.