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Words about the significance of SEO have done so many rounds that it’s now safe to assume every business with an online presence would have a fair understanding about this digital marketing methodology. The validations have morphed a broken Vinyl Record, looping without end. What remains to be said with ample emphasis is the importance of SEO for Local business, through tailored, comprehensive, and sustainable local SEO strategies.

Where Marketers Go Wrong with Local SEO

More often than not, marketers and businesses employing SEO fail to honor the fact that it is NOT a ‘static’ set of tactics. Rather, a constantly evolving science, getting more intricate with every algorithm update released by Google and other search engines. Though the ground shifted a great degree with the rollout of every update; Panda, Penguin and Pigeon updates, brought with them some radical changes, impacting countless websites.

Pigeon Attack Alert

Pigeon Update, rolled out on the 24th of July, 2014, which mostly impacted ‘U.S English’ search results, made SEO more complicated for local businesses seeking, looking to improve their placement in local search results. Therefore, all the strategies that you employ in your Local SEO campaign must be formulated while giving due considerations to the changes brought by the update and other search quality guidelines laid out by Google.

The Pigeon Effect

Pigeon update improved local searches in terms of relevance, accuracy, and usefulness, which it achieved by establishing a direct link between local search results and the parameters traditionally used to determine global search results placement. In addition, Google also enhanced their distance and location ranking parameters with the rollout of this update.

What Pigeon Means To You?

Local SEO Strategies

Letting Google know your exact location is the holy grail of local search results placement. It enables you to approach a more relevant market, improve the volume and relevance of traffic, and optimize conversions. It counts for naught to be seen by distant or disinterested consumers, despite the enormity of their numbers. Relevance of the audience is the key here, as you pursue the much-needed visibility. The greater the instances of your NAP (Name, Address & Phone number) appearing across the web, the more authority your website gets in local searches on relevant keywords. You can get tips on NAP insertions here.

  • You must also focus more on creating a superior user experience as this enjoys greater priority from Google as a ranking indicator. One important step to accomplish this is to perpetual user experience on varied platforms with a responsive web design, as mobile users now contribute more than 50% of all search queries. Encouraging reviews and taking the time to engage with the consumers also helps build a culture around your business and enhance user experience.
  • Use local directory pages such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. You should also employ offsite information to come up with immediate local search results, in addition to leveraging other websites as well such as Google+, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Google Places, and other online local business listings for your target areas.
  • Do not attempt to do it all in-house, unless you are sure of your capacity. Rather, focus on core competencies and outsource the rest to experts of the trade. Professional help comes in handy in a lot of scenarios and it actually adds value to the whole SEO effort.
  • Ensure information consistency across your website. You get positive results for information that is easily available, clear, concise, and easy to verify.
  • Regularly update onsite blog to keep your website fresh with regular updates, and establish domain expertise. Make sure you get it right and this may also call for outsourcing to professional digital experts who can provide high quality content.

ROI Mantra understands the complexity of crafting and executing winning SEO strategies for local businesses, and acknowledges that keywords and links alone don’t cut it in the prevailing environment. The right way forward is to formulate a combination of old and new strategies and tools, to be deployed in a manner that is responsive to your business objectives. We embrace white-hat SEO not as an event but a culture, which enables us to create and deploy sustainable local SEO strategies with enduring results.

Are you doing your local SEO any differently? Join the discussion and let’s chat about your successes and challenges. You can also talk to us and let us analyze your competition and the latest marketing trends existing in your industry.

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