E-Mail Marketing

Well-articulated e-mails! Catchy subject lines! On the way to the spam or junk folder...Oops!

What's in your e-mail? What have you missed?

With millions of sellers shouting from roof tops and bragging about their product and services, the words ‘Spam and Junk’ are prominent with anyone who has a mail account

We focus on user intent and segmentation to match content to customers.

Have you tried doing away with e-mails?

It’s time to STOP sending e-mails… the ones that fail to connect with your customers, that is.

E-mail marketing is a time-tested and powerful way to generate sales from existing customers. However, it is critical to reach the right audience in the right manner.

Are you doing your email marketing right?

Do the e-mails generate interest among the readers?

Are your mails compelling enough to align the customer’s buying behavior to your business?

If the above questions are daunting, perhaps you need to reassess your performance. In this age of digital marketing, Performance Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools.

ROI Mantra can help create and implement a result-oriented e-mail strategy for your business. Our creative sourcing techniques and delivery tactics enable us to re-invent an e-mail strategy that helps captivate your target audience.

Partner with us to get the most from this global marketing channel.

Our e-mail marketing services include (but are not limited to):

  • Segmentation and Strategy
  • Planning, Design and Development
  • List Building and Distribution
  • Tracking, Reporting and Analysis
  • Build/Expand opt-in subscribers
  • Custom Creative/Design & Coding per Segment
  • Maximize Open Rates and Clicks through multi-variate testing
  • Mutli-variate testing to maximise open rates and clicks
  • Landing pages
  • CRM Integration