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ROI Mantra

The customer journey from pitch to purchase can be tracked completely using end-to-end measurement.

What is end-to-end measurement? Great question!

End-to-end measurement is the first step to measuring the true results for all your marketing efforts. Once all the set up is in place for tracking the customer journey, you will be able to clearly see which efforts are producing profit and which ones are simply an expense. Yes, PROFIT should be the goal for a digital agency who delivers on what they promise. The days of feeling blind regarding your marketing spend are a thing of the past. You should hold your agency accountable to show you profit!

End to end measurement involves connecting systems together so you can see the true profitable value of your spend. You should expect more than reports on clicks, calls, web form fills, impressions. While they are important they do not outweigh using profit as your key performance indicator.

Demand profit as your key performance indicator for all your marketing channels!

Connecting your website, call tracking, CRM, AdWords and analytics is crucial. Learn how ROI Mantra delivers profit through end-to-end measurement.

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