THE CRM: Making it Your Most Profitable Tool


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Finding a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that your sales team will embrace is one the greatest pain points for small to mid size businesses. When utilized properly, your CRM becomes a great asset for future sales as well as projections of your company’s future revenue. Businesses use everything from spreadsheets to business cards stacked randomly to nurture future sales opportunities. Daily use of a quality CRM allows companies to discover, track, mine and follow up with potential prospects. Here are five reasons why a CRM can be called your greatest asset.

1. A CRM helps users register and nurture your leads and contacts.

When is a lead or prospect ready to buy from you? Most likely not at the moment you call. How would you know this? Keeping the prospect warm is the key to successful engagements and driving revenue through new sales. Organization and proper set up are key factors when working in a CRM. There are some crucial categories needed to insure the your CRM is an effective resource for your team. These include Prospects, Customers, Lost Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Potential Partners, Influencers and Inactive Customers. Now is the time to organize your contacts; keeping them current and using technology to automate the process of inputting new leads. Find out how to automate the input of all incoming calls and form fills by contacting our team at ROI Mantra, Inc. for a free consultation. (469) 212-9700.

2. You can track customer interaction internally.

Once you have all your sales and customer data in your system you can handle communication through your CRM. Your entire company can see the history of communications and the data that will help you stay in in front of potential customers. Most CRM’s have mobile apps as well, which makes staying in contact and seeing the history of all communications simple no matter where you are. All your interactions are housed in the CRM not in individual email accounts, which is helpful as all team members have access to the info.

3. It allows for end-to-end measurement and connects to other important data points.

Once your CRM is in place all incoming phone calls and form fills from the web can be automatically stored in your system for simple follow up. Ultimately this will enable you to track the customer journey and get important first hand data. Keeping detailed data on each prospect helps you determine what marketing campaigns are driving calls and form fills. If you are interested in learning more about meaningful tracking contact us for a free consultation. (469) 212-9700.

4. A well executed CRM reveals profitable possibilities.

Your CRM can reveal opportunities for profit, as critical data will be automatically input when contact with a prospect is made. Your marketing channels can be adjusted and even deleted as a result of the visibility you have for all incoming marketing opportunities.

5. Your valuable asset – your customer’s data – stays current.

All your data is kept in one place and is always current. Your sales pipeline is accessible at all times. Even if you loose employees all data stays in tact. Your first hand data remains a valuable asset for your entire company. For full training and set up an automated CRM system contact ROI Mantra, Inc. We will help you implement the best CRM tracking system for your business. Set up a free consultation now by calling (469) 212-9700.

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