B2B Leads

30+ years old translation company - USA

A significant player in the niche market of translations , the client engaged ROI Mantra in August 2013 with a goal of radically increasing online lead generation for businesses needing translation service. Having completed a redesign and migration the challenge was to find a strategy that would drive up client acquisition by creating an online sales funnel.


  • A big challenge in a niche market was the low search volume associated with B2B searches
  • Having done business shaking hands and through conferences the client was driven by the prospect of opening a new sales front


  • Organic Search – Lead optimization
  • Social Media – Lead optimization


  • Search Engine Optimization – We identified a unique business history driven content marketing strategy that allowed for fast growth of conversion intent traffic. The model for analysis was Intense keyword/demand research and quantitative modelling
  • Social Media – Our primary focus here has been Professional Networks. Amplify the brand through knowledge leadership and capitalize the value by growing the professional network


Traffic - (August 1st 2013 - October 31st 2013)

183% lift in traffic
Total Traffic August – 1,800 Visits per Month Total Traffic October – 3,300 Visits per Month

Leads - (August 1st 2013 - October 31st 2013)

23,000% lift in leads
Total Organic Leads – Aug – 0 Total Organic Leads – Oct – 200
Total Social Leads – Aug – 0 Total Social Leads – Oct – 33