Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Data-Driven Methodologies for Sustainable Search Prominence

The virtual hemisphere is expanding at a remarkable pace, presenting countless avenues for businesses to connect with potential customers. The question, however, is: How to rise above the crest when every business is exercising all its might to outshine competitors? The answer lies in data-driven search engine optimization. ROI Mantra – a Google All-Stars agency – gives you the Solomon’s key to gaining sustainable prominence in targeted web searches. Embrace a blend of proven and progressive methodologies to steer past competitors and position your business at the helm of the digital revolution.

The Roadmap to Success

Industry Analysis

Identify and analyse industry dynamics such as target regions, customer demographics, industry best practices, and other variables at play.

Competitor Benchmarking

Identify the top competitors of your business and determine the strategies delivering the best possible results in your domain.

Website Analysis

Analyse all aspects of the website, including architecture, coding, content, user experience, conversion hooks, and other finer details.

Keyword Research

Determine the most searched keywords used by your target customers when looking for a product or service offered by your business.

Campaign Planning

Collaborate with clients to understand their marketing objectives, to create a holistic plan aligned with their goals and prerequisites.

Onpage Optimization

Optimize various elements of the website to make it more receptive to the algorithms of major web search engines, such as Google.

Offpage Optimization

Enhance brand value and the sociability of your website by distributing high value content of an array of third-party channels.

Reporting & Recommendation

Prepare and share itemized monthly reports of the results delivered and recommendations for the next month’s execution cycle.

Why Choose an All-Stars Google Partner?

Every year, Google selects a handful of agencies with consistent high quality service delivery, to be named among its much prestigious league of “All-Stars” agencies. As the name suggests, the accreditation speaks volumes about the consistency and commitment to high quality, both of which play a key role in the today’s fiercely competitive online marketing domain. In short, when you choose an All-Stars agency, such as ROI Mantra, you can be assured of world-class service delivery without having to break the bank.

Why Us?

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What to Expect?

  • Collaborative approach
  • Sustainable search rankings
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Around the clock support
  • Complete transparency
  • Continual innovation

Take the First Step on the Highway of Success!

The web is expanding and it’s expanding fast.

Don’t let your business get lost in the dust could. Deploy the ROI Engine to zoom past your competitors and establish your business among the bigwigs of your domain. To learn more, call us at (214) 307-6416 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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"Since 2012 over 50% of businesses that had ranking in the first 15 pages have lost ranking. Why? Because systems cannot game the king of search anymore."

Directory submissions, content curation, image optimization, keyword insertion. We do the heavy lifting to bring out the USP of a business in the most innovative way.

Complex algorithms, smart crawlers, unique strategies, Need the right mix of people and systems – focusing on customer intent to find the sweet spot. No tips, tricks or gimmicks.

Does SEO Matter?

It’s time to scale up your USP! Search Engine Optimization has witnessed a sea of changes in recent times. The conventional way of doing SEO won’t bring/keep your business in the lead any longer. So, if you want to stay sharp by keeping up with the changing trends and actually get ahead of the competition, you need to embrace SEO with a passion.

Demand Fulfillment

60+ % of our keywords in management yield results on first page of Google search

So, how differently do we SEO?

We know that optimizing search results to reach out to a target audience is a complex task, especially when the landscape is changing rapidly. Depending only on keywords and links won’t move your business up the growth ladder. We consider user intent and the context of keywords. As a dynamic SEO Marketing Agency, we utilize SEO as a key part of the digital marketing mix.

Our expert SEO team will work with you closely to meet your long-term business needs. We use a unique approach. It’s actually a strategic combination of good copy and the implementation of innovative SEO marketing techniques.

A glance at what we do as a SEO Marketing Agency

  • Analyze Competitors
  • Touch Base With The Latest Market Trends
  • Find Unique Long-Tail Keywords
  • Write Engaging Content (Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, Classifieds)
  • Optimize Meta Keywords
  • Implement Spider-Friendly Site Architecture
  • Write Effective Directory Submissions (With Localization)
  • Utilize The Keyword Ranking Progress Report