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Embracing Profit-Driven Marketing for Perpetual Revenue Growth

ROI Mantra, a Google “All-Stars” Premium PPC Agency brings to you a revolution in Pay Per Click advertising: Profit-driven marketing – a quick, cost-effective, sustainable and scalable PPC solution to connect your business with targeted customers. Conceptualized by none other than the global search major, Google, profit-driven marketing is a data-driven PPC management strategy formulated to deliver a consistent increase in profits, while minimizing PPC media waste. Our close collaboration with Google has enabled us to become one of the PPC agencies of the science, delivering consistent revenue growth through paid media marketing to an elite global clientele.


Our Approach

Equipped with exhaustive experience in deploying end-to-end tracking mechanism, we have devised a holistic PPC management approach comprising a blend of proven and progressive strategies. Here’s an overview:

Industry Analysis

Analyse your target markets, buyer demographics, industry trends and other dynamics that may influence PPC management performance.

Competitor Benchmarking

Identify potential competitors and determine the strategies that are delivering promising results through pay per click advertising.

Keyword Research

Determine the top searched keywords used by your target customers when they are searching for businesses such as yours.

Campaign Planning

Formulate a holistic PPC strategy, aligned with your campaign objectives and designed to help achieve your growth projections.

Copy Creation

Create engaging ad copies that present your products in the best possible light, while inspiring trust among target customers.

Client Approval

Share campaign management plan and ad copies for your approval, after which our team gets down to weave their magic.

Reporting & Recommendation

Prepare and share detailed periodic reports highlighting every key aspect of the results and recommendations for future strategies

The Result

400+ Percent Growth in "Net Profits" in Less Than 2 Years!

Working on a Hyperlocal marketing model, ROI Mantra enabled scaled the annual turnover of a US-based home services provider from______ to ______, by deploying a blend of profit-driven marketing and search optimization tactics. The team deployed a holistic data-driven strategy to expand the client’s operations from ________ to ________ cities, in less than 3 years. The next success story could be yours!

Why Choose a Google Premium Partner?

ROI Mantra, in addition to being one of the few Google All-Stars agencies in India area, is also a Google Premium Partner. Google Premier Partner is the highest level of recognition awarded by Google to agencies displaying consistent excellence in revenue generation through paid media, and complying with additional certification and performance requirements. When you choose ROI Mantra, you can rest assured knowing you are working with one of the best in business.

Why Us?

Our Awards

Thinking Beyond “CTR” and “CPC”

“More than 95 percent of marketers waste more than 50 percent of their overall media spent.” - Google

The Result

Take the First Step Towards Consistent Revenue Growth!

Deploy our ROI engine to get measurable returns from every cent of your PPC spend. To learn more about how profit-driven marketing is the ultimate answer to ensure a sustainable revenue growth, simply call (214) 307-6416 or fill out the contact form.  Hire our India based PPC Agency!

Hire us!

Some say standing out among thousands of other ads that are clamouring for attention isn’t easy. Money acts faster when it’s spent well.With more paid advertising/marketing moving to auction style bidding platforms, you need to be hyper-competitive. Standing out among thousands of other ads that are clamoring for attention, it isn’t easy. We think otherwise. If your ad has great Call to Actions (CTAs) blended with psychological stimuli, it will edge past your competition to be the attention grabber! The ad world is dynamic, and changes happen within a blink. It’s now or never. So get ready for effective campaigns by teaming up with our PPC experts.

You may still want to spend thousands on newspaper ads, or best yet, want to run commercials on radio or TV? Sounds great! It’s better to stick to that as long as your Return on Investment (ROI) is moving up. But are people noticing your ads? If so, do they recall them? Are you pumping money into black holes? Even if they do, they may hardly recall them.

Seeing is believing. It’s cliché, but true, especially when thousands of companies are vying to get a foothold and grab user attention. It is a ‘blink and it’s gone’ kind of scenario. Importantly, stuffing more ads online does not increase your chances of conversions. We have customized the typical Paid-per-Click method into a razor sharp Paid Search Marketing Service. We assess consumer’s intent and customize our strategies accordingly..

What we do is make a critical process look simple. And how do we do that? Our Paid Search Marketing Services include

  • Understanding customers’ intent
  • Structuring your ad campaigns for best results
  • Targeting and placing your ads effectively
  • Writing high quality ads with excellent Call-to-Action
  • Keeping a constant check on ads’ performance

"We spend time thinking about how to align a pay per click campaign with your advertising objectives."

Our job is to find the highest intent for the lowest cost.

So, get visible, get noticed!

Website Analysis
  • Product or service placement analysis
  • Call to action placement and functioning analysis
  • Content analysis
Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor’s keywords and ads analysis
  • Competitor’s landing page analysis
  • Competitor’s tracking analysis
Keyword Research
  • Keywords volume and competition analysis
  • Bid rate analysis
  • Ad groups creation/Keywords categorization
  • Keyword match type analysis
Monthly Budget Recommendation
  • Budget recommendation depends upon the keywords volume, bid rate, conversion rate and e-cpc
  • Ad Creation
  • Text ad creation
  • Image ads creation in all sizes
Campaign Structuring
  • Ad groups and keywords mapping
  • Ad groups and ad mapping
  • Network Targeting (Search/Display/Contextual/Remarketing)
  • Device targeting
  • Geography targeting
  • Language targeting
Campaign Management
  • Ad rotation
  • Ad delivery method
  • Bid strategy
  • Campaign scheduling
Search Campaign Optimization
  • Search query optimization
  • Call to action A/B testing
  • Add negative keywords
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Keywords SOV optimization
  • Ad text optimization
Display Campaign Optimization
  • Placement analysis and grouping
  • Image/Rich media and text ads A/B Testing
  • Contextual to placement campaign creation
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Create remarketing funnel/list
  • Remarket potential customers
Campaign Tracking
  • Conversion one per click tracking
  • Conversion many per click tracking
  • View through conversion tracking
  • Goal tracking through Google Analytics
  • Keywords performance report
  • Ad group performance
  • Ad performance report
  • Geography performance report
  • Conversion funnel report
  • Campaign scaling data points