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End-To-End Measurement – Making It Work For You

In our previous blog we covered End-To-End Measurement. A few questions came up that we want to address.

1. What type of team do I need in place to manage End-To-End Measurement?

Great question. Once you have all of your systems connected i.e. Call Tracking, CRM – scheduling, billing systems, AdWords and other marketing channels you will need to analyze the data daily and make adjustments to find the key performance indicator of PROFIT. I am sure you can imagine that this requires a substantial team of experts.


Finding the time and resources to analyze and manage this data can be challenging.  Effective End-To-End Measurement will require the following team members and experts.


It is virtually impossible for one person analyze, react to each data point and make appropriate adjustments for a campaign. Internal management of this is highly time consuming and will become overwhelming for small to mid size businesses. The economy of scale is simply not realistic or financially feasible for most companies to manage End-To-End Measurement internally.

This is where ROI Mantra, Inc. fits into the puzzle. Let’s take a look at the result of having End-To-End Measurement in place by addressing another question.

2. What difference will implementing End-To-End Measurement make for my business and what kind of PROFIT growth can we expect?

Another great question; once you subscribe to End-To-End Measurement and have your success team in place magic begins to happen. Your team can now start to optimize your marketing efforts and react, adjust and aim for the end goal of PROFIT for all your marketing channels. Here is a sample case study that demonstrates the END RESULTS.

Effective End-To-End Measurement

Our success team increased revenue by $2 Million and reduced the reliance on referrals from primary care.

We will say that not every company is a perfect candidate for us. Nonetheless, in depth consultation is complimentary. We are consistently searching for companies to champion.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation on End-To-End Measurement and start driving PROFIT as your only key performance indicator call us now. Or schedule an appointment on our online application.